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Writing for Journalists

Learn to write with Paula Fray

5 weeks

Ever wanted to write like a journalist but felt too intimidated to put pen to paper? This course is targeted at young journalists - or even experienced journalists looking for a refresher - and seeks to take the mystery out of writing for the news media. 

There will be five modules in this course which covers:

  1. Preparing to write a story

  2. Story Structures

  3. Elements of good stories

  4. The Writing process, and

  5. Self-editing

Each module has teaching videos, resources, assignments, discussions and a quiz.

The course casts a critical eye over stories to examine what works and what does not work i storytelling. It can be completed within five weeks. 


This course is the first part of the journalism basics learning pathway, consisting of:

  • Presenting story ideas

  • Research for journalism

  • Writing for journalism

Pair these with Mastering the Press Code for a good, practical grounding in journalism.