Social Media for Communicators

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Ensure that your social media is building your brand and community

4 weeks

Social media allows you to engage directly with your audience and clients, making it potentially your most valuable asset. This is whether you want to grow your business, communicating with clients or expanding your influence.


But social media trends and practices are changing all the time, in response to changing algorithms, rules governing user behaviour and changes in how people engage online. What worked on social media last year will not work now.


Ensure that you are up-to-speed with the latest trends and to get the best return on your investment in social media. fraycollege, in partnership with frayintermedia, have developed an experience-informed, intensive social media course to give participants the theoretical and practical knowledge on how to create and manage their presence on social media platforms.



Module 1: What is social media?
Module 2: Choosing the right social media 
Module 3: Developing a social media strategy
Module 4: Implementing a social media strategy

"This programme is one of the best for going online" - FP&M senior officer



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