Social Media

Go from an amateur to an influencer

Every professional communicator knows that the best strategies for getting engagement on social media are changing month-by-month. 

If you aren't learning, innovating and improving every day, there's a very real chance you could be left behind. 

By signing up for our social media course you won't just get the skills to keep up on modern platforms, you'll get the practical tools you need to thrive, and become a master storyteller in the social space. 

The course is available as a two-day package, with a certificate from fraycollege, or as six stand-alone evening  classes.

Course Information

This course covers:

  • Business possibilities of social media

  • Creating a social media strategy

  • Building a content plan

  • How to optimise for each platform

  • Make content like an influencer

  • Copyright, media law and finding open-source content

When: Contact us for next dates online or check out our accredited eLearning course

Format: An intensive bootcamp with practical exercises



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