Research for Journalists

Collect and validate information with Paula Fray

4 weeks

Journalists and other writers need to be able to research information and ensure that they are using reliable sources. And this has never been more important in the age of internet content production… one mistake can be around the world in minutes. And your credibility and professional reputation can be irreparably harmed.  


Research is what separates professional writers from the casual social media poster or blogger. 

This course is aligned to unit standard 117546: Collect information for journalistic use, which will earn you 6 credits for which you will get a statement of results from the MICT Seta. 


Included in this course you'll find:

  1. Selecting the reporting process

  2. Gathering information 

  3. Selecting information 

  4. Presenting information appropriately. 

The course should take you a maximum of 4 weeks and features games to learn lessons, resources, a final quiz and assignments to earn a certificate or a statement of results if you choose the accredited option.


This course is the first part of the journalism basics learning pathway, consisting of:

  • Presenting story ideas

  • Research for journalism

  • Writing for journalism

Pair these with Mastering the Press Code for a good, practical grounding in journalism.



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