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Due Diligence Assessments

We’ll pull together all the information and baseline data you need to set yourself up for project success.

Communication Strategy Development

We’ll pull together all the information and baseline data you need to set yourself up for project success.

Course Development

Are you in line with funder and business requirements?


Project Monitoring and Data Analysis

Stay on track during the rollout of your project with real-time monitoring

Communications Audit

Assess the reach and effectiveness of your communications and learn how to improve.


Story-based Evaluation

Extract the stories that reflect changes made through your project.

Impact Evaluation

Assess whether your project had the impacts intended.

Process Evaluation

Did your project processes line you up for success?



We assisted WAN-IFRA in conducting online research into its Gender and Media Freedom Strategy.  We helped collect both quantitative as well as qualitative data that informed the programme direction and implementation. The attitudes, perceptions and experiences of both women and men in management were polled to ensure a holistic organisational picture.

Gates Foundation

We reviewed the current media landscape in Africa in order to understand the challenges facing local media and created a map of media institutions supporting development. The process also identified gaps between the needs identified in the media.

Graca Machel Trust

We supported the Trust by conducting baseline research, assisting in setting up an advisory board and delivering a draft strategy for a communication programme.  This included providing opportunities to improve its communication agenda to take advantage of regional events and leverage the voice of Dr Machel to influence the agenda of African media owners.

African Journalists and Social Media Abuse

Research about African journalists is lacking and insights into social media usage by African journalists are almost non-existent.


To address this, frayintermedia conducted an online survey of African journalists’ experiences of social media - drawing participants from 36 African countries. The study found that journalists from almost all countries regularly engaged with audiences on social media platforms, with 95 percent doing so for professional purposes. The overwhelming majority (89 percent) of journalists were required to be on social media as part of their job.


The research focussed on the abuse and harassment the journalists experienced, and generated data of critical importance to media in the developing world.


Already, we have learned and benefitted from the process. As you correctly observe, we are a very small team and while we understand and value the importance of effective systems and procedures, we see our primary responsibility as our work in the field.

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