How to podcast

Learn how to create and market podcasts with Des Latham

4 weeks

Global trends show that podcasting is fast becoming a preferred platform for consuming news and specialist content. There has never been a better time use your voice to share information with the world. Learn “How to Podcast” with experienced podcaster Desmond Latham who will show you how to generate your own podcasts, record them, upload and share them as well as market them to the world.


This four-week course covers:

  • Podcasting Formats

  • Equipment and scripting

  • Tips for recording

  • Editing your podcast

  • Distribution

  • Marketing

Good podcasting needs a commitment to regular uploads and an understanding there had to be good audio quality. Desmond Latham will show you to sustain the process over time and how to generate global interest in your podcast. The course covers the technical necessities of good sound as well as the strategic focus of good marketing in the age of social media platforms, crowdsourcing and online payment options.



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