Due Diligence Assessments

Are you duly diligent?

Find out if you are ready to launch your new project, product or service. In addition to providing a health check and recommendations on organisational systems, we provide concrete tactics for improvement. Organisations can earn certificates confirming their compliant organisational systems and support is provided, if necessary, to help you optimise your processes.


Born out of long experience in coaching and mentoring business and NGO leaders, fraycollege has identified a key contributor to poor organisational or project impact – poor systems and process design.

Whether you want to ensure that your processes are optimized for your business or need to prove to a funder that you are a good investment, a due diligence assessment is likely just what you need. The assessment identifies potential problems and bottlenecks and can unlock potential in your employees that you did not realise there was.


fraycollege’s team works with you to conduct the assessment,  will fill the necessary gaps through streamlining or creating policies or demonstrate where your staff’s capacity needs bolstering.



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