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Taking thought leadership to publications

Great researchers, advocates and development practitioners do not necessarily write great media articles. fraycollege's column-writing training; however, changes that.

There’s a distinct difference in technical writing and writing great media articles. fraycollege’s column-writing training helps transform technical writing into publishable articles.

We work with executives and experts to polish technical and corporate copy and turn it into prose suitable for publication in national publications.


This training is supported by coaching of trainees through their first article after the training. 

Column Writing Training changes minds

Good column writing allows for putting forward seldom-heard arguments and serves to inform the has the capacity to change minds,this is why The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) held an #EverydayPerpetrators campaign, which was in turn part of the annual global #16DaysOfActivism.

As part of the Violence Against Women (VAW) campaign, fraycollege conducted column-writing training for CSVR staff and partners. The 17 people trained had a variety of backgrounds, none of whom were journalists and many had never written any media articles before. The training is supported by coaching.


At least 11 columns related to the research were published in national media in South Africa, including The New Age, The Star, Pretoria News, City Press and the Huffington Post.



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