The Ultimate Radio Sales Course

Learn from the legendary Stan Katz the art and science of radio sales brought to you in partnership with fraycollege


fraycollege provides world-class training to journalists and communicators across the African continent, Middle-East, and South-East Asia. We are a BEE company and Seta accredited.

We also offer online training via our eLearning platform and build custom courses based on clients' needs.



At fraycollege our research experts investigate your issue, provide insights into your project or organisation and provide you with the results you need to prepare for success.


We offer rigorous research, as well as implementation and communication-ready insights. We use the latest research approaches and best methodologies to get the results you need within your budget.


You will be better prepared to undertake projects and launch services, be able to monitor implementation and manage risks, demonstrate your impact, and constantly improve.



fraycollege eLearning programmes plug you into an online experience that's world standard.


Our training combines online videos with multiple choice questions and case studies, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the course content. Each course has a time limit, and features tests, an assignment and/or a final exam.


At the heart of every course are experts who will pass their knowledge on to you. As you proceed through the course they will guide your learning experience and, should you have any problems, fraycollege's expert training team is on standby to provide you with support. 




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